Peace & Chaos Santiago Dress


Santiago Dress with native print in a midi-length

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Santiago Dress.The Santiago native print is a big theme in our PEACE+CHAOS SS22 collection – super striking, it will appeal to your free spirit. Cut in a midi-length, it features long sleeves, an open stretch neckline with a peep-v neck, and shoulder straps. Exposing the décolleté and shoulders, this is a dress that oozes summertime with a wild side. Complement the look with ourPEACE+CHAOS leather Wrappy Belt, for a dynamic outcome.

100% Polyester

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Peace + Chaos = Nefeli + Dimitris. An equation of authentic style + evolving attitudes. A marriage of spirit + love; cool + dynamic. At the heart of this inspired marque de mode is a couple whose professional + personal lives are intertwined, and whose combined visionary talents have shaped + styled their path. Their philosophy?
“Stay grounded + true to your authentic self.”
As a brand, Peace+Chaos signifies the strength of polarized energies where contradictions create the perfect symbiotic balance. The Chaka insignia represents Peace+Chaos, which is inspired by the sacred Inca Cross, symbolizing the soul of life + the significance of spiritual transition to an elevated state. Thus creating a sense of holistic harmony – central to the Peace+Chaos ideology.


It was long ago being lovers when the moment, they decided to reveal their creativity through Peace+Chaos, reached their destination. They set up their atelier and production in Athens, so 2015 is called their Year Zero. The R&D and the Printing of the fabrics take place in Peace+Chaos’s, 750m2, headquarters. A gathered experience in one place, where the artists merge their passion and skills. The creation of a collection, starting from the conception of the idea, the design of each print, to the production itself, is considered a very personal affair.  ​When they design, sometimes Nefeli starts a new piece and it is Dimitris who gets incharge, in a while. Or vice versa.  It may be again in the hands of the other, who will add a new element and may guide the design to a new path, towards a completely new destination. ​ This interconnection, that may be a contradiction sometimes, is the result of a creative and fully inspirational process, dressed up with their opposite energies. The design, the selection of the fabrics and the actual printing is realized all inhouse, ensuring the final products’ creative and technical excellence.  ​ It is Nefeli’s + Dimitri’s passion for prints and clothing that never leaves them. ​It is within all this Chaos that they find Peace. Peace+Chaos.


Did you know that for all PEACE+CHAOS prints we use Inks :​
  • 100% ECOLOGICAL​


Did you know that Recycled Polyester is a recycled yarn made from PET recycled bottles? ​But also,
  • ​It is certified by GRS​
  • It is Eco-Friendly​
  • With Less CO2  Emissions (-32%)​
  • Helps Save Energy (-59%)​
  • Helps reduce plastic bottles from the oceans and the environment ​
  • Does not need water for its production like natural yarns do


Did you know that our products made of Cotton are certified as "CLEAR TO WEAR*"?
  • No chemicals​
  • No allergies ​
  • No skin irritation​


A sacred symbol inspired by the Inca Cross, indicating the Creation of Life, expressing Transition. key, leading the Natural, Human + Spiritual Existence to a Higher Level. The strongest symbol of the oldest culture of the Andes is called Chakana. It is the most complete, holy and geometrical design of the Incas. Traditionally, Chakana (Chaka) represents the constellation of the Southern Cross. According to the opinion of the old Andes population, this was the center of the Universe and was easy to find when they looked up in the sky at night. ​ Either worn as a talisman or used in architectural design, such as on the Condor Temple in Machu Picchu, each side, level and corner of the Chaka conveys a meaning; ​
  • From the top to the left: The three Levels of Existence. The Lower world of souls, the Middle world of humans and the Upper world of Gods. It represents the Underworld, the Earth and the Heaven.
  • From the top to the right: The fundamental Rules of Life. The ones we should obey. Be honest, do not steal and be active.
  • From the bottom to the left: The main Codes of Respect.  ​The knowledge+wisdom, the work+services and the love+beauty.
  • From the bottom to right: The Ηoly Αnimals of the lower world, the land and the sky. The ones who Guide us to each level of existence.  ​The Snake is the guide in the lower world, the Jaguar leads us to the world of humans and the Condor is the guide in the world of Gods.
  • The Centre represents the centre of the Inca Empire and the people who live in it. But most of all, is the center of the Cycle of Life.
The four Sides sum up for the North, South, East and West and the four fundamental existential elements – the Earth, the Water, the Fire & the Air, as well as the four big stars in the South Cross.  ​

Chaka, as an ancient sacred symbol that totally incorporates Peace+Chaos’s philosophy and values. 

It is officially registered and is now used as a trademark on the Brand’s collections.